Jennifer Lange
Digital Artist

Jennifer Lange

Digital Artist

+49 451 40 50 652

About Me

I am a digital artist. I have been a fan of fantasy and science fiction for years, have been a roleplayer for almost half my life now, and survived a good deal of the most terrifying ego-shooters out there. My other interests include etymology, anthropology, and fairy-tales. I live in northern Germany with my partner and two kobolds posing as cats.


Fantasy Flight Games
Uhrwerk Verlag
Pegasus Spiele (Cthuloide Welten)
Ulisses Spiele (The Dark Eye)
Moon Design Publications
Voyager Games
Group Six Films
Desert Ski Films
Mango Drop Studios
Disruptor Beam Ltd.
Thorsten Kuhnert Roleplaying
Shift Games
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